Yacht Delivery Mallorca – Pollenca to Marina Bonaire for haul out

This was a VERY short but eventful delivery of a Beneteau from a mooring buoy in Pollenca to Marina Bonaire. The owner got in touch to ask whether we could facilitate the delivery and haul out of SY Galerie. The answer was of course yes!

On arriving to Port de Pollenca I stood on the end of the public quay and looked for S/Y Galerie out on a mooring bouy, I got my clothes off ready for the swim (the owners tender was packed away ashore for the winter), amid quite a bit of laughing the from the kids at the sailing school I hopped into the slightly murky water and set off with my bag above my head! the 300m out to the boat wasn’t so bad, but surprisingly tiring when you cant use your arms!

There were a few small jobs to complete on arrival and prepare for the short motor over. The steering gear was not entirely functional, so I had to use the emergency tiller.
I had spotted on the way to Pollenca that there was a large swell rolling into the bay, quite a bit larger than forecast. The bay of Pollenca is very shallow for the most part, ranging from less than 5m to no deeper than 20m. When a 2m swell rolls in here it can be quite steep. Fortunately as you can see below, on the Pollenca side its very protected. It was once I arrived on the Northern side of Alcudia (Marina Bonaire) I saw the size of the waves.

img_20161014_155048  img_20161014_140338img_20161014_142041

As I approached the entrance of Marina Bonaire I could see a lot of white water and surge in the very narrow entrance, with some larger waves breaking over the breakwater and washing into the entrance.
I hung back for 10mins just to assess the viability of entering. After a few large sets passed I spotted a nice lull and made my way sharply into the safety of the marina.
I headed directly to the travelift, which I unfortunately found busy.  The marina is quite compact and the surge from the waves made it an environment not conducive to hanging around, so I tied up stern-to, to pass the time.

After liaising with the marineros at Marina Bonaire I reversed into the travel lift box. The haul out was well handled by the team there. She was power washed and put to bed as requested!

We hope this delivery was proof of our commitment to helping owners solve some of the tough problems they face in maintaining their yachts. No delivery too short or long, no request unconsidered.

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