Mahon to Trapani, Sicily via Sardinia Yacht Delivery

Back home, after a thoughroughly enjoyable yacht delivery, it was an “owner assist passage” delivery for Tony and Deborah Gourlay. I met them and their newly purchased Elan 434 Impression in the beautiful capital of Menorca, Mahon. The plan, to Siciliy via Sardinia. Along with Jane, as an extra crew member we departed two nights later, after waiting for the Mistral to fizzle out and the beam on swell to settle down a bit.

Keeping up a good average speed, but sailing whenever possible, meant we were kept busy, but there was always a relaxed atmosphere on board. Jane and Deborah’s cooking usually being the highlight of the day, and in fact rest of the trip!

A stop in Carloforté in Sardinia for a night, to give the new owners a bit of time to sleep-in and stretch their legs, and then moved on to the semi-submerged ancient ruins further along the coast in Nora.

With the weather looking favourable for the next 48 hours, we decided to begin our final crossing towards Trapani, on the NW coast of Sicily. The distance to go, was 173nm in a straight line. A little bit shorter in fact compared to our first one to Sardinia. The first crossing prepared the crew well and they were learning fast how to handle the more tricky night watches. So with a good forecast of F3-4 Southerlies and a more confident crew there was nothing holding us back.

Needless to say to say the lights of Trapani came into view on schedule, I gave the chance to the owners Tony and Deborah to attempt the night approach with me just watching over their shoulder to help with any concerns they had.

They handled it well and just after midnight we tied up. I departed early the next morning on a pretty hair raising taxi journey to Palermo. Leaving them to continue their fantastic cruise towards Croatia. Another Thumbs Up Yacht Delivery!

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