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Want to be Sailing Crew aboard a Yacht Delivery? Are you an Experienced Yacht Captain?

Calling all Sailing Crew & Yacht Captains


Sailing Crew Wanted! We are actively trying to find crew and delivery skippers!

We aim to provide sailing crew with the opportunity to develop their yachting careers through Yacht Delivery. It’s a tough business but the reward of working on a yacht can be amazing! Whether you’ve just started looking for jobs on yachts or whether you’re an experienced delivery skipper, to be part of a sailing crew can give you a great sense of achievement, adventure and challenge!

The places we go and the people we meet define us and its this that we love most at Thumbs Up Sailing Yacht Delivery. We operate throughout the U.K and Europe, but of course as any yacht crew would know, we are willing to travel anywhere!

Our enquiries come in from all over the globe and with the variety of travel options open to us these days, it is possible to get you the sailing crew to the yachts, from large a variety of locations!

The length of the Yacht Deliveries can vary, from coastal 2-3 day hops to month long Offshore and Ocean Passages. The target of any Yacht Delivery is of course A to B as safely and quickly as possible, so the passages are by no means a ‘holiday’, rather job that is also an adventure.

Safety and professionalism is of course paramount with us, in conjunction with our commitment to helping sailing crew develop their professional yachting careers we also expect them to perform their role on board in a manner befitting a professional yacht crew or Captain. Every yacht is thoroughly checked by both Captain and Crew, we’ve found that maximum preparation means a minimum of incidents.

We provide all sailing crews with an ample budget for both travel and food aboard, with contingency plans in place for delays. Be aware though, we eat healthy but simple and everyone is expected to pull their weight for the entirety of the passage.

As you know, every passage is different so why not keep track of the opportunities by submitting you Maritime CV through the links below. If you aren’t 100% sure why not read some of our Recent Yacht Deliveries Blogs to get a feel for the type of passage you can expect!

Sailing & Delivery Crew

  • Do you have a sense of adventure?
  • Looking to build up miles through yacht deliveries?
  • Looking for Jobs on Yachts?

Submit your CV below! Start your adventure but also help us in our search for great sailing crew!

Yacht Captain

  • Skipper with YM Offshore or above?
  • Have References to support your CV?
  • Strong emphasis on safety and professionalism?

Submit your Maritime CV below so we can chat further about the opportunities available!

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