After a ‘failed’ transat delivery by another company the 35ft Jeanneau “Olympe” was left in Madeira.


The Thumbs Up Sailing Yacht Delivery Team took over and oversaw installation and sea trialling of the new engine. We’re unsure of exactly what went on in the prior delivery. But the yacht was in bad shape. After three days of sail repairs, cleaning and investigating all the issues we deemed the yacht ready for sea.

It was a tough time of year to be going North, the prevailing winds coming strongly out the North. But we got the yacht to Coruna, then waited for a huge low pressure to clear Biscay. Departing a soon as it had cleared, we made the channel in good time, playing the tide well was crucial to keep inside the schedule.

Need less to say, “Olympe” arrived on time and in a condition in which a broker could come aboard upon arrival and begin the process of selling the yacht.

Thumbs Up!

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